Financial resilience for employees, simple & free

Your new HR Benefit in response to inflation & crises

More financial flexibility, simple and free of charge. Using your salary as soon as you have earned it? Happy makes it possible for the first time in Germany! Happy is the only HR benefit that provides more financial freedom for your employees.

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Make your company a Happy Pioneer!

Earned Wage Access solutions already help to manage financial stress in many countries around the world. With Happy and the Happier financial well-being offering, your company is at the forefront of a new world of work where salary is available on demand.

With Happy your employees can use up to 33% of their salary in advance to purchase vouchers from more than 50 partners in our network.

The best for you:

  • no additional investments
  • no change in administration and processes
  • no obligations
  • only benefits
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Great for employers. Loved by employees.

Companies get

Completely free of charge

Access up to 33% of earned wages, at no cost.

Works without payroll integration

No hassle, no headaches just full overview & control instead.

Distinct & effective employer branding

Increase your appeal as an employer of choice with HR benefits that address the needs and aspirations of your employees.

Financial Health & ESG

Whether or not your company already has an ESG agenda. Getting active has never been easier than with Happy.

Employees get

Completely free of charge

Access earned wages, without any cost.

Simple, fast and transparent

Register and use the service within minutes.

More financial flexibility

Life doesn't wait for your payday. Use your money to respond to unforeseen expenses or increase your flexibility when making purchases.

Impulse for individual financial resilience

With our science-based Happier service, you can take personalized lessons to increase your financial resilience.

How does Happy work?

1 - Register

Register your company with Happy in 1 minute. We take care of the rest.

2 – Use for free

Your employees receive an overview of the salary they have already earned. Transparent and updated daily in our app.

3 - Enjoy the benefits

Your employees can use 33% of their salary in advance to purchase vouchers from more than 50 partners in our network. In the Happier Financial Wellbeing Programme, employees learn how to increase their financial resilience.

Talk about money? Get active!

In Germany, people are reluctant to talk about money. Yet the financial worries of employees are increasing right now - with consequences for mental and physical health. In our blog you will soon read more about the urgency and relevance of these interdependencies as well as our academic and corporate partners with which we are developing Happy. Get active today and join us now.

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What is Happy?

Happy is a voucher-based HR benefit that provides financial freedom for employees. With Happy, employees can flexibly use their salary in advance - at no cost to employer or employee.
Happy also enables employees to learn more about their financial habits and financial resilience strategies through the Happier Financial Wellbeing program.

How exactly does Happy work?

Your path to Happy Benefit consists of three simple steps:

1. After your registration, we activate your company on Happys' platform.
2. Employees who want to use Happy register on our platform and securely connect their salary account to verify themselves.
3. Happy checks whether the user is employed by your company and calculates how much earned but unpaid salary they have.

Ready to go, on the very same day.

What is Happier?

Happier is the Financial Wellbeing Program that introduces employees to their financial habits.
A personalized six-week learning program helps participants to reflect on how they deal with their individual financial situation.
Users can learn more about their personal money stress profile and financial resilience strategies.

What exactly does 'financial flexibility' mean?

Happy offers employees early access to up to 33% of their monthly salary through a voucher system. If an employee expects a salary transfer of 3,000 euros net, they can therefore use in advance up to 1,000 euros for their daily needs, urgent expenses or to promptly fulfil their wishes. (Maximum limits and amounts are determined by our voucher partners).

The offer from the Happy partner network covers almost all areas of daily needs. Financial emergencies no longer affect daily life; even the wish for the latest gadget no longer has to wait for the pay check.

Why does my company need Happy?

With Happy’s salary-on-demand solution and Happier's Financial Wellbeing program, your company shows that you take your employees' wishes and concerns seriously.

Studies in the US show that similar solutions improve employee retention and recruitment, reduce absenteeism and increase workforce productivity.

Financial stress causes overall strain. With you as a partner, we take the first step towards greater financial well-being for your employees.

Who can use Happy?

Happy can be used by any company that wants to support its employees in becoming more financially flexible. No matter how many people your company employs, whether it be 3, 30 or 30,000.

How much does Happy cost?

Happy is free of charge. For employers as well as for employees. The economic situation poses great challenges for companies from all sectors.

For companies that register via the Happy platform until the end of March 2023, using Happy will remain free of charge.

How complex is it to integrate Happy?

Our HR benefit Happy works completely without integration. Once your company has been activated, Happy acts as an independent platform and is solely responsible for the services it offers.
As an employer, you are merely the enabler; you incur no further personnel or financial costs.

Who makes Happy?

Happy is a brand of Open Finance Lab GmbH. The HR solution is developed in Frankfurt/Main and Munich by a team of FinTech enthusiasts operating across Europe.

How does Happy earn money?

Happy does not charge companies or employees for its core service. The company derives income from long-term commission agreements with its partners.

What happens to the employees' data?

Happy verifies its users via the secure linking to their salary account. This is a particularly simple and secure way to confirm the employment relationship and the income.

Where required by law, the data is personalized. The user data remains on servers in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Happy does not pass on any data to third parties. Thus, for example, neither the employer knows about individual use, nor do we pass on information to SCHUFA.